Low Residue High Adhesion Tape – Clear – 2″ x 82′ (4014CL)

Key Features

1) Easy to tear by hand– no cutting tool is required
2) Scrap‐less– comes off clean
3) Low water vapor transmittance
4) Repositionable– no wrinkles
5) High UV resistance and block


Nichigo G-TapeTM 4014CL is a single sided tape built with a HDPE cloth laminated with LDPE and propriatery acrylic adhesive. G-Tape 4014CL provides user friendly handling and superior physical properties compared with conventional adhesive tapes.


Width- 2″
Length- 82′


Physical Properties

1) Waterproof
2) High weather resistance
3) Wide application temperature ‐40 ~ 190 ° F
4) High dimensional stability
5) High chemical and solvent resistance


1) Masking for painting, stucco, mortar, and sealant indoor and outdoor
2) Seaming for house wrap, insulation board, floor protection sheet
3) Residue free floor marking tape
4) Surface and edge protection for metals, wood, plastic, stones, ceramics, glass, painted surfaces
5) Quick repair
6) Packaging
7) A convenient tape for an emergency kid, outdoor activities, construction fields, home and school.