Permanent Adhesion Construction Tape – Black, 2-Sided- 1″ x 65′ (9030BK)

Key Features

1) Easy to tear by hand– no cutting tool is required
2) Scrap‐less– comes off clean
3) Repositionable– no wrinkles
4) High UV resistance
5) Clean – no black specks from adhesive
6) Good adhesion on rough surfaces
7) UL723 Rate: Class 1, Flame Spread Index 5, Smoke Developed Index 0


Nichigo G-Tape™ G-Tape 9030BK is a heavy duty double sided tape. Its backing substrate is a unique polyethylene cloth laminated with LDPE. This tape provides superior physical properties and easy handling features compared with other conventional tapes. 9030BK was developed to replace butyl tapes.

Width- 1″
Length- 65′


Physical Properties

1) Waterproof and air tight
2) High weather resistance and UV block
3) Wide application temperature ‐4 ~ 190 ° F
4) High dimensional stability
5) Does not generate wrinkles on house wrap
6) Strong adhesion to insulation sheets and rough surfaces.


1) Window flashing
2) To splice insulation sheets and house wrap,.
3) Permanent bonding
4) Quick repair


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