Teks. Zinc-Plated Steel Truss-Head Phillips Drill-Point Lath Screws to securely fasten 20 – 12-gauge metal in stucco/plaster and other metal-to-metal fastening applications without needing to pre-drill. The screws feature engineered drill points and flutes that remove material efficiently and properly size the hole for threads.

  • Provides secure metal to metal fastening without the need to pre-drill and reduces cam-outs for high performance drive surfaces and recess
  • Engineered drill point and flute (pilot section) remove material efficiently and size a hole for threads
  • Zinc plated finish protects the job’s appearance
  • Engineered for applications requiring a wide, low-profile head
  • Drill, tap, and fasten in 1 motion
  • Self-tapping/self-drilling design
  • Engineered flute removes material efficiently and sizes the hole for threads
  • No pre-drilling necessary