• White finish that blends into light material and delivers long-lasting corrosion protection
  • Ultrashield finish delivers life-long corrosion resistance
  • Superior holding strength
  • The ability to withstand harsh conditions
  • Long-lasting performance
  • A reputation for quality, strength and ease of installation from industry professionals

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Ideal for projects that require discrete design, White Ultrashield Tapcon brand Concrete anchors deliver the same ease of use, superior precision and the unparalleled performance that professionals receive from the original blue Tapcon. Tapcon Concrete screw anchors draw from its unique ability to TAP its threads into Concrete, making it an excellent alternative to expansion anchors, plugs, and lag shields. White Ultrashield Tapcon Concrete screw anchors are perfect for hurricane protection and any exterior projects that need a white color match including shutters, door and window frames, screened enclosures, and many other applications that require fastening into masonry.